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Green architecture techniques
for Bio-Climatic Villa creation


Natural and Artificial Lighting

• Artificial light will be energy efficient, having a control system that allows to adjust the ignition to the actual occupation of the area as well as a control system that optimises the use of natural light in areas that meet certain conditions.
• Systems integration to capture solar energy into electrical energy using photovoltaic processes for use in the outdoor areas through decorative lighting.
• Larger windows from floor to ceiling will generate more indoor lighting, modernise the interior and will also provide ventilation.
• Triple Glazing windows will improve the thermic isolation.

Home automation

• The homes incorporate a preinstallation of home automation, consisting of a connection that reaches all location points of ACS appliances, heating and entry points of energy sources, the living room and bedrooms, from registration user access telecommunications (RAU).

Natural Landscape

Ecological Garden Urban Garden

• Special garden design with native vegetation will be used as a mechanism for climate control. In this sense, the vegetation of the south facade will always be deciduous. • Huerto Urbano possibility if desired.

Natural Pool

• Natural pool built with biological and natural methods that will be used to filter water and keep it in a healthy condition for bathing. With this technique the use of chlorine and other substances that are contaminants on par unhealthy for the bather is avoided. Natural appearance and decorative effect will look closer to water spaces that can be found in nature.

Thermal Envelope

Roof Gardens

Green covered roofs made of small substrate with plant specimens of little or no maintenance will offer: - Retention of dust and pollutants - Effective protection against solar radiation - Increased capacity evaporative cooling - Increased usable space - Improved thermal stability and indoor insulation

Water cycle

Savings and water quality

• Sustainable water hygienic equipment for drinking water. • Saving devices to flush toilets no more than 6 litres and weighted download.

Rainwater and gardens

• Rainwater collection system with a double drainage system for home water and for garden irrigation.
• Secondary collection aljibe from domestic grey water (dishwasher, washing machine and shower that will be used for toilet flush).
• Grey clearance to minimise network returned to the water pollution load.

Renewable Energy

Hot water with solar thermal energy

A part of the thermal energy demand will be covered by incorporating systems that capture, store and use solar energy depending on the villa location characteristics.

Canadian or Provençal well

• Use of underground heat through geothermal energy.

Trombe wall

• Facing South wall built with materials that can accumulate heat under the effect of thermal mass (such as stone, concrete, adobe or water), combined with an air gap, a sheet of glass and vents forming a solar thermal collector wall.

Underfloor heating

• Cold in summer and hot in winters, will also improve the room temperature, through water pipes under floor.

Ventilation and Infiltration

Crossed ventilation

• The installation of hybrid systems or mechanical ventilation, will provide a sufficient flow of air from the outside and ensure the removal and expulsion of stale air pollutants by natural ventilation.